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27 May, 2024
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UHP Hydroblasting

The water jetting was developed by Hammelmann, Germany, as an alternative to using previous methods of surface treatment of aggressive workers and the environment. His success in the use and acceptance was quick. In 1998, our company has adopted this technology in the Campos Basin, bringing the first German equipment and positioning itself as a company to the forefront in the use of anti-corrosion technology edge. 


Whenever we choose to make the most solid investments in our equipment, thus valuing the quality and lower maintenance frequency, bringing greater productivity in return for our work. Our waterjet pumps are all the merits of German engineering.



We currently have 16 water jetting equipment for ultra-high pressure, meeting the varied demands of our customers.



For being top quality equipment, the useful life of its components is higher compared with other manufacturers, thus making virtually no production stop beneficial and impacting directly on operational and financial planning of the projects of our customers.



Besides your purpose in industry anti-corrosion, water jetting is a very versatile tool, especially with specific equipment where lower pressure and increase the outflow, making it an excellent tool for unblocking, decoking, heavy industrial cleaning, etc.


Contact us and ask for a quote.

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