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27 May, 2024
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During our 15 years of existence, each project is unique in its challenges and objectives. In each, we are positioned to provide the satisfaction of our customers in meeting deadlines and the final quality of services. Always show up new challenges and when that happens, we recycle our technical base. With it come new acquisitions experience in new areas of industrial maintenance, thanks to the pioneering and entrepreneurial culture of our company:


The structural reinforcement consists of applying a layer of fiberglass resined in steel plates bottom and roof storage tanks, very useful for tanking refineries. Higher thicknesses (1 mm to 2 mm) to give surface, and an excellent impermeability, structural properties. Excellent in the process of industrial maintenance, mainly with reduced thickness.



Because we have a great positioning and market recognition Hydrojetting and application of paint and coatings industry, we are seen by our partners as a solid entity in project management in the field of industrial maintenance anti-corrosion. We manage the entire process, from planning, budgeting, resource acquisition, logistics and mobilization, to execution, production, quality control and delivery of the final product.


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