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24 Apr, 2024
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Other Services

During our 15 years of existence, each project is unique in its challenges and objectives. In each, we are positioned to provide the satisfaction of our customers in meeting deadlines and the final quality of services. Always show up new challenges and when that happens, we recycle our technical base. With it come new acquisitions experience in new areas of industrial maintenance, thanks to the pioneering and entrepreneurial culture of our company:

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Limpeza Industrial

A limpeza industrial é um processo contido nas etapas da manutenção industrial, seja apenas como início de outros processos, como preparação para pintura e remoção de contaminantes, assim como para processos finais, como por exemplo a passivação e neutralização; 

Em nossa empresa, dividimos o processo de limpeza industrial em dois tipos:

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Pintura Industrial e Revestimentos

A pintura industrial é atualmente o método de proteção anti-corrosiva que apresenta melhor custo-benefício. Calcula-se que 3% do produto interno bruto são desprendidos ao tratamento da corrosão nos países industrializados. Portanto se faz necessário, através de um profundo estudo técnico-econômico-ambiental de cada caso em particular. Neste quesito, a pintura industrial se torna eficiente em quase todos.

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Industrial Cleaning

This is an industrial cleaning process steps contained in industrial maintenance, as it is only beginning to other processes such as painting and preparation for removal of contaminants, as well as for final processes such as passivation and neutralization;

In our company, we divide the process of industrial cleaning in two types:

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Industrial Painting and Coating

The paint industry is currently the method of corrosion protection presents the best cost-benefit. It is estimated that 3% of gross domestic product are detached treatment of corrosion in industrialized countries. Therefore it is necessary, through a thorough technical and economic study-environment of each particular case. In this regard, industrial painting becomes effective in almost all.

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