Industrial Cleaning

This is an industrial cleaning process steps contained in industrial maintenance, as it is only beginning to other processes such as painting and preparation for removal of contaminants, as well as for final processes such as passivation and neutralization;

In our company, we divide the process of industrial cleaning in two types:




  • Degreasing;
  • Cleaning of small areas;
  • Organization and cleanliness;
  • Support other activities as welding;
  • Manual removal of sludge, mud, etc.;
  • Feed buckets;
  • Others.




  • Equipment use waterjet high pressure and high flow;
  • Use of waterjet pumps low pressure;
  • Use vacuum truck for waste exhausted;
  • Use poliguindaste truck to transport buckets;
  • passivation;
  • neutralization;
  • Cleaning large areas with mechanized equipment;

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